St Luke's Primary


Parental engagement can be a powerful lever for raising achievement in schools and there is much research to show the value of schools and parents working together to support pupils’ learning.

In recent years, schools have been encouraged to shift from simply involving parents with the school to enabling them to engage themselves more directly with their children’s learning.

Here at St. Luke's, we aim to do this in a number of ways:

  • Engaging with parents to assist with pupils’ learning in school.
  • Engaging parents in revision, study support or family learning activities.
  • Listening to parents carefully in consulting them about whole-school curriculum development.
  • Using home and school diaries & planners.
  • Discussing pupils’ assessments and information about their targets with parents.
  • Using texting as a method to communicate quickly and effectively with parents about curriculum and teaching matters as well as day-to-day information.
  • Consulting parents on individual matters relating to the curriculum that their children followed.
  • Leading Curriculum Workshops aimed at helping you in the home when supporting your child.

We believe that strong parental partnerships bring great rewards

Parents often support the school in many ways.

We encourage you to consider this. 

We are fortunate that a number of parents support and assist in may ways:

  • As volunteers on school visits, including residential visits.
  • Listening to pupils reading, helping pupils to change their library books or supporting guided reading in lessons.
  • Supporting or leading activities outside the school day.
  • Helping with practical activities such as art, design and technology, science, and computing.

When things don't go right......

  • We recognise that we are only human and we aren't perfect.
  • However perfect Mr Miles wants St. Luke's to be - there are times where things may not go to plan or the way you would want it to be.
  • If this ever is the case - feel free to contact us. 
  • We know what we do well, we are also aware of our areas for development.
  • We are forever on a learning journey and want to get it right as often as practically possible.