St Luke's Primary

School Uniform

What we wear forms an important and valuable part of our school life. We are proud of our school, our uniform and request parents respect our high standards in appearance.

Our uniform consists of the following:


Nursery Uniform:

Plain red jumper/cardigan

Grey pull up trousers or grey skirt/pinafore

White polo shirt


Grey shorts / red check summer dresses may be worn in the warmer months.


Children will also need a pair of black pumps (named) in a named pump bag.


Please ensure all items are clearly named.


Winter Uniform:

Grey / Black trousers / skirt / pinafore

White Shirt

School Tie

Red school sweatshirt or cardigan                                      We encourage pupils to wear uniform with our school Logo - although this is not compulsory. All school uniform can be purchased from Crested Schoolwear in Cannock: 01543 504866         


Summer Uniform:

Grey / Black trousers / skirt / pinafore

White Shirt 

School Tie

Red check summer dress

Red school sweatshirt or cardigan


PE Kit

All pupils:

Black Shorts / White T-shirts

From Yr 1: Trainers for outdoor games

Tracksuit or warm clothing for outdoor winter games

For Yr 4:Swimming trunks or costume


All items of clothing must be clearly marked with your child’s name. 


Jewellery should be kept to a minimum at all times. 

The only forms of jewellery acceptable are watches and ear studs / 

Sleepers.  Parents are reminded that all jewellery needs to be removed during physical activity and no responsibility can be accepted by the school for any loss or theft. Stud earrings are acceptable in the school environment. However, they do need to be removed for physical activity and until children are able to remove these by themselves it would be helpful if parents could remove these on the days children have PE.