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We would like to thank Mrs Findlay and all of the TA’s for helping **** fall in love with school. *****is so keen to learn and it really helps having teachers that nurture that love of learning from a tiny age. We would like to also say a huge thank you to Miss Jordan and Mrs Clarke. We have been blown away with ****’s school report. She has achieved so much this year and she has truly loved the year one journey and that is largely down to the hugely positive environment that both Miss Jordan and Mrs Clarke have created. Lastly, we would like to extend our thanks to Mr Miles. For whole heartedly supporting us as a family through the difficult couple of years we have had due to my own health. We couldn’t have asked for any better. Your relationship with all of the children at St Luke’s is something to be proud of. Having been an EWO in my early career, I have never come across a head who is so genuinely interested in all of the pupils and having you greet the children each day really is something special.


Didn’t get chance to really say what I wanted to you today as a simple thank you for everything doesn’t cut it . You have been amazing from the day Pearl started St Luke’s . I’ve never had a single issue with staff or pupils in Pearl's time attending and that’s down to you and how you run the school . 

The support you gave us as a family when Pearl was hospitalised will never be forgotten. I know I still have four years at the school with Dolores but I wanted to show my appreciation for your hard work , kindness and dedication in supporting Pearls school journey. 

 Thanks so much . Rob


Miss Woodgate’s support and encouragement has been noticed and has been very much appreciated. She has a really lovely way with the children, especially how well she knows them, cares for them and goes out of her way to ensure the best for them, particularly noticed on a school trip. Mrs Wilkinson has added to the level of enjoyment and learning in Year 3. We will be very sorry to see her leave. Sure she will be an asset wherever she’s teaching.


I feel that this year's report really shows a true reflection of our child and we feel Mrs Ible knows her really well. Last year's report was more generic but this one is very specific and personal to Mabel. We are so pleased Mrs Ible recognises other important qualities in Mabel such as her creative side. Thank you Mrs Ible! Mabel has had such a brilliant year with you.


We are very grateful for Mrs Jones coming in and taking over the class. We think since Mrs Jones has came in Arlo was put on the right path and has improved since the start of the year. We think Mrs Jones will have a great future in teaching. The school is outstanding in all areas. The dinner ladies were great with Arlo's intolerance. The office team do so much for the school and the Senior Management and Headteacher have the school running so smoothly. The kids will be grateful in the years to come.


Miss Woodgate, I would like to say a huge thanks for all your support and perseverance, keeping Jaxson on the right path this year. He is finally starting to gain the confidence to believe in himself. He has enjoyed his time in year 3.


Hi, I would like to say a huge ‘thank you’ to all the staff at St Luke’s – particularly those working in the Reception classes and to the office staff who have always been so helpful and friendly. My daughter, Esme, started at St Luke’s in September and has had a wonderful first year at school. I have been really impressed with the learning environment and the communication between home and school. Esme has thoroughly enjoyed the learning and made so much academic progress since she started. We’ve been made to feel very welcome at St Luke’s and attended some great events which I know must take a lot of organising. We particularly enjoyed the Bonfire Night & Summer Fayre and we are already looking forward to returning for the next bonfire.Many thanks again St Luke’s – what a smashing school!!!
Zoe McLaughlin 


It was a real delight to read through Freyas report and see her progress and how she is developing along with her learning journal she has had a very positive start to her learning. Freya loves school which is a credit to the staff helping her adjust and settle


“Milo has loved his time at nursery I am so happy with the progress he has made! I couldn’t ask for a better start to his school journey! Thank you to all staff!!”


Good Morning Mr Miles,I would like to let you know what an impact Mr Nickless has had on the children in his class. Everyone has been full of praise for him and Mrs Evans. From our point of view in regards to Jarvis, we can only thank him. He has got Jarvis interested in reading fiction books rather just factual books, and he’s got him into writing his own stories. Not once this year did Jarvis complain about having to go to school, he has loved being taught by Mr Nickless. We have found him really enthusiastic with the children, and also really inspiring. Jarvis is certainly going to miss him next year, but he will definitely remember him for a long time. Please do pass on our thanks to Mr Nickless.
Regards, Mrs Holford


Good afternoon Mr. Miles, I hope you're well? I wanted to email quickly as I completely forgot to bring my parental response form to school just now and was hoping you would be happy to accept our comments via email instead? We were extremely pleased to read George's annual report and have been delighted with his overall progress in year 4. We always ask George to give of his best and due to his efforts (and the support from everyone at St. Luke's), we have seen his results improve during the last few years. George has thoroughly enjoyed year 4 and we would like to extend our personal thanks to Mrs. Middleton for her wonderful care, support and patience during this last school year.Thanks again to you all, have a peaceful summer and we'll look forward to seeing you again in September. 
All the best,  Justin.


Good Morning Mr Miles, I attended parents evening last night for Isla Walker in 1P and I just wanted to compliment Miss Parkes. So much effort and comprehension was put into the evaluation of Isla, I walked away feeling I had in depth knowledge of how Isla is progressing in year 1 and what we can be working on at home to help her improve. The additional work sheets for home are brilliant and Isla's looking forward to completing them. I also wanted to say how much Isla loves being in Miss Parkes class and the transition from Reception to Year 1 has been great.
Kind regards, Alina


Miss Kelly and Mrs Lang are very compassionate teachers and Amelia has really excelled with them in her first reception year at St Luke's. We can't thank the teachers enough for the time they have put into Amelia. We have absolutely loved reading Amelia's report


A lovely school with the child's best interest at heart from a committed staff. So glad my child attended St. Luke's. Will always have fond memories.


Milo has loved his time at nursery I am so happy with the progress he has made! I couldn’t ask for a better start to his school journey! Thank you to all staff!!