St Luke's Primary

Year 5

Year 5 team (ID 1122)

 Welcome to Year 5 - Please view our Meet the Teacher Presentation here. 

Our Year 5 teachers are Mrs Mercer and Miss Parkes and our teaching assistant is Mrs Evans.

A key part of year 5 is to encourage independence, both at home and in school, in preparation Year 6. Children are streamed into two ability groups for Maths and English, allowing us to focus on the needs of the individual.

Year 5 firmly believe that the best learning takes place when children are happy, safe and stimulated. We endeavour to teach whenever possible a practical and multi-sensory approach which is accessible to all. Peer support and guidance is also a vital attribute, that develops throughout the year.

We study an exciting curriculum in this academic year, from the Anglo-Saxons to an in depth study of North and South America. This will give us some wonderful historical and geographical opportunities to build on the children’s knowledge and understanding of the world. 

In the event that you need to contact any of our teachers, you are welcome to contact via the following email addresses:

Mrs S. Mercer: 

Miss A. Parkes: